System Requirements

General system requirements for RTLS kit deployment are:

  • Computer & Peripherals
    (tick) x64 with VTx technology enabled
    (tick) Ethernet socket available
    (tick) Wi-Fi Access Point

  • Software
    (tick) VirtualBox
    (tick) Google Chrome browser 
    (some of the features might not work in other browsers)

  • RTLS Hardware
    (tick) Tags
    (tick) Anchors Omni with Wi-Fi 
    (tick) Anchor Vista Omni Wi-Fi Power Supply
    • Either PoE Power Bank or USB to PoE converter + UWB Power Bank
  • Other Recommended
    (tick) Tripods for anchor placement

Server Specification

The server or laptop where you deploy RTLS Studio should have a powerful enough CPU. It is very important to have a powerful enough CPU on the server. You should have a strong single-thread rating but also enough threads because RTLS Studio is a multicore application. 

An example of a server suitable for RTLS Kit deployment: 

Installation Size

CPU Model

CPU (Cores/Threads)

CPU Single Thread Rating

CPU Rating

Recommended RAM

< 10 Anchors,

< 10 Tags with 100 ms RR

Intel Celeron G1610T




4 GB

Your device should have a similar CPU power as the CPU model recommended in the table. For comparison is recommended to use to check the performance of each CPU. 

For more details see Server Specification.

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