With omnidirectional Anchors

This section introduces practical deployment examples from real installations in various environments. If you are not sure how to mount the anchors in your specific environment, use this section for inspiration.

L shaped environment

To reduce the number of necessary anchors for this kind of environment, you can use zig-zag deployment.

Retail store

When there are no major obstacles between the anchors, you can easily use the classic grid deployment.

Warehouses and industry

In these environments, there are usually lots of obstacles between the anchors. In open areas, you can use square deployment or, in the corridors, you can use zig-zag deployment to reduce the number of necessary anchors.

Office space

In these dense environments, you should put five anchors per each room and move the anchors as close to the wall as possible. If the walls are made of thin materials, like drywall (gypsum board wall), the signal can propagate well through these materials and you can use five anchors to cover more than one room.