Server Specification

The entire Sewio RTLS system is managed by the RTLS Studio SW. The RTLS Studio also provides interface (data) for other systems that can cooperate together with the Sewio RTLS system and create applications based on the provided data. 

Adequate server performance is needed to ensure that the RTLS works properly.

The minimum required computing power is mainly dependents on the number of tags and their refresh intervals, but also on the number of anchors

Therefore you need to choose a server configuration that will assure necessary computing power.

Usually, RTLS Servers are virtualized (on very powerful servers) or provided by local vendors. For RTLS system is very important to have enough powerful CPU on the server. It is important to have a strong single thread rating but also enough threads because RTLS Studio is a multicore application.

Here is a table with installation size and recommended CPU model and its rating from benchmark tests.

Installation Size

CPU Model

CPU (Cores/Threads)

CPU Single Thread Rating

CPU Rating

Recommended RAM

< 10 Anchors,

< 10 Tags with 100 ms RR

Intel Celeron G1610T




4 GB

> 10 Anchors,

> 50 Tags with 100 ms RR

Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3




8 GB

> 100 Anchors,

> 50 Tags with 100 ms RR

Intel Xeon E-2136




16 GB

> 500 Anchors,

> 200 Tags with 100 ms RR





16 GB

For comparison is recommended to use to check the performance of each CPU.