Server Specification

Adequate server performance is needed to ensure that the RTLS works properly. The minimum required computing power is mainly dependent on the number of tags and their refresh rates, but also on the number of anchors. There are three server types which can be used depending on the size of the installation, they are listed in the table below.

Installation Size




RTLS kit

VBox image

VBox image

VBox image

< 10 Anchors,

< 20 Tags with 50 ms RR

Dual Core Celeron G1010T,

2.3 GHz

4 GB

HP MicroServer Gen8

> 10 Anchors,

> 20 Tags with 50 ms RR

Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 6-Core,

1.9 GHz

8 GB

HP ProLiant ML350 G9 5U Tower Server

> 100 Anchors,

> 20 Tags with 50 ms RR

Intel Xeon 6 - 12 Cores

16 GB


You also need to prepare your server with the OS Ubuntu 14.04 Server Edition 64-bit (can be downloaded here) or OS Ubuntu 18.04 Server Edition 64-bit (can be downloaded here) for RTLS Studio 2.0. You can use a VirtualBox image for demos and smaller installations. You can download the latest version of the RTLS Studio from our Partner Portal. For larger installation, we strongly recommend using a native server with the minimum requirements shown in table.