RTLS UWB Kit Starting Guide

Thank you for purchasing the RTLS UWB Kit. This guide will help you to set up an indoor tracking system quickly and easily using Sewio RTLS. In the unlikely event of getting stuck during this process, we are also ready to help you by answering your questions as a part of the implementation support that comes with your purchase – please contact our support in such a case.





Step-by-step RTLS UWB Kit Starting Guide

1. Assembly Guides

Please see what’s included in your RTLS UWB Kit and how to assemble the tags, anchors and eventually use the USB-PoE converters included within your RTLS UWB Kit.

2. Recommended Accessories

While the kit includes wall mounts, anchors are often installed on tripods that aren’t part of the kit as including them within the kit would significantly increase the shipping costs when compared to buying them at your location. Similarly, power banks that could be optionally used for powering anchors are not included as their shipment via airmail is costly due to the security reasons involved.

3. Video Tutorials

The videos in which a Sewio consultant completes the installation of the RTLS UWB Kit and introduces the RTLS Studio software are a great source for quick and error-less on-boarding.

RTLS UWB Kit - please mind that the video features older version of the kit

RTLS UWB WiFi Kit  - please mind that the video features older version of the kit

4. Installation of the Software

To download the RTLS Studio software, you will need to log into the Sewio Portal. If you do not have access to the Sewio Portal, please contact your account manager or email sales@sewio.net.

5. Support

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support by submitting a ticket at the online service desk.

See Also

Please explore Sewio’s official documentation for further information.