Network Architecture and Required Ports

Required Port List

Please make sure that following ports are allowed within backhaul network:

Port NumberTypeDescriptionInitialization FlowChangeable
RTLS Studio
5000UDPAnchor Reports (when "Reports Protocol" is configured as UDP)Anchor -> RTLS Server(tick)
5000TCPAnchor Reports (when "Reports Protocol" is configured to TCP)Anchor -> RTLS Server(tikot)
5001UDPAnchors Synchronizing (when "Synchronization Protocol" is configured to UDP)RTLS Server -> Anchor(tikot)
5001TCPAnchors Synchronizing (when "Synchronization Protocol: is configured to TCP)Anchor -> RTLS Server(tikot)
5100UDPBlinksRTLS Manager → RTLS Server(tikot)
5101UDPSyncsRTLS Manager → RTLS Server(tikot)


UDPUDP Upload (UDP API)RTLS Server -> Remote PC(tikot)
80TCPHTTP (REST API)Remote PC -> RTLS Server (chyba)
80TCPHTTP (Anchor discover)RTLS Server -> Anchor(chyba)
8000TCPRTLS Manager (WebSocket)Remote PC -> RTLS Manager (chyba)
8080TCPSensmap and WebSocket APIRemote PC -> RTLS Server (chyba)
22TCP/UDPSSH/SFTP (WinSCP, Putty)Remote PC -> RTLS Server(tick)
9UDPFirmware UpdateRTLS Server -> Anchor(chyba)
67UDPDHCP ServerAnchor -> RTLS Server(chyba)
68UDPDHCP ClientRTLS Server -> Anchor(chyba)
69UDPFirmware Update (TFTP)Anchor -> RTLS Server(chyba)
13633UDPFirmware Update (TFTP)RTLS Server -> Anchor(chyba)
Optional / Recommended Port List


UDPAnchor FinderRTLS Server -> Anchor(chyba)
123TCP/UDPNetwork Time ProtocolRTLS Server -> NTP Server (chyba)
7000UDPAnchor StatisticsAnchor -> RTLS Server(chyba)

Network Architecture