Implementation Support


These Services allow Partners to utilize highly trained Sewio Technical Consultants during implementation with guaranteed response time. Response could be simple answer on Service Desk or phone consultation. 


Response Time - Next Business Day (CET 8:00 - 17:00)

Answer/consultation via ServiceDesk or conf call (Microsoft Teams) up to 60 minutes


Fixed price per month. Could be purchased for 1,3 or 6 months period, one free month is always added for transportation, preparation etc.

The exact price can be found in valid price list or obtained by contacting your Account Manager. 

How to Request the Service

Create an incident on Sewio Service Desk with description of the problem. According to the complexity of the problem, we will answer you or schedule a conf call no later than the next business day.

Eligibility for the Service

This Service is available for purchase globally to all Sewio Partners who would like to utilize the experience from Sewio as a technical resource.

Prerequisites for this service are:

  • Valid software license
  • Valid Implementation Support service  (see Partner Portal)
  • Discovery and Design approved by Sewio (Floorpan with monitored areas, anchors placement, monitored objects paths, zones etc.)

How to Order the Service

This Service can be ordered in the same way as any other Sewio Service. Particular part numbers can be found in a valid price list or obtained by contacting your Account Manager ( The Service is valid from the date of shipping/invoicing.

SWS04-00-00Implementation Support

The decision to order this Service in the correct amount depends on the type of work and difficulty of the project; therefore it is recommended to discuss this with a Sewio Account Manager.
Additional costs may apply for on site services if travel is required.