How To Make Support Ticket

Initially, please provide information related to the environment i.e:

  • RTLS Studio version: 2.1
  • Number of Anchors: 20
  • Number of Master Anchors: 1
  • Anchors type and version: 1.4 (FW 3.005)
  • Number of Tags: 12
  • Tags type and version: Tag Piccolino (FW 3.118)
  • Deployment: (VirtualBox image/Server installation) VirtualBox Demo Installation

Please also describe current behavior and expected behavior. This information will help us understand what is the issue and it will speed up the finding for the solution.

RTLS Capture

If localization performance is sub-optimal, you can share with us the RTLS capture.


RTLS capture helps us diagnose problems in your system. It includes all network communication among RTLS devices, and exact coordinates of anchors and plan. All these data are bundled into one zip file, which can be sent to Sewio Support team and further analyzed for problems. 


Please follow the steps Creating a Capture