Device Care Troubleshooting_

No Data Recieved By myRTLS

  • checking if the services are alive:
    • sudo docker ps
    • this should reveal if the telegram, redis & device-care services are running and for how long;
  • restarting the services:
    • navigate to device-care-installer folder;
    • sudo docker-compose stop
    • sudo docker-compose up -d
    • the service should start working as expected after the reset;
  • checking logs:
    • sudo docker logs telegraf
    • sudo docker logs device-care
    • there should not be any connection errors etc.
  • If telegraf logs shows error with Client.Timeout exceeded then check DNS configuration.
    • Check configuration of the host OS DNS configuration.
      systemd-resolve --status
    • Check configuration of running telegraf DNS setting:
      • docker exec device-care-telegraf cat /etc/resolv.conf
      • Output of the command should match DNS server IPs of host OS or it should contain nameserver
    • If there is something different from the prerequisite then there might be some wrong custom global configuration of Docker deamon.
    • File /etc/docker/daemon.json shouldn't exist of it should contains correct DNS servers.

Some Of The Data Is Missing In myRTLS

  • check if the server time is corect:
    • date
    • this command should output the current time of your server machine, compare it with the actual time
    • if there is a significant delay, the data on myRTLS Device Care Dashboard may be missing