Anchors Setup

Before physically installing the anchors on site, you should always mark where you plan to install them on the floor plan in order to prepare cabling, mounting etc.

The correct setup, powering and deployment of the anchors is crucial for any project. To learn how to correctly deploy the anchors see section Anchors Deployment.

Power Supply

Anchor 1.4 - please read power section on page 2, within the datasheet.

Anchors Preparation

The anchor preparation process is a bit different depending on the version of the anchor hardware that you have.

Ethernet backhaul, Static IP:

  • In default, all anchors have the same IP address of You should change the address of all anchors that will share the network one by one to a different address. To change the address, go to RTLS Manager -> Anchors Setting and change the IP address there.

  • After changing the IP addresses, make sure that you have IP connectivity with all the anchors. Go to RTLS Manager -> Anchors Summary and make sure that all of them are online with a different address.

Wi-Fi backhaul:

  • Plug the anchors into power and check that they are online.
  • After you switch on the AP (Access Point), you can also check if they are properly connected to the AP via Wi-Fi. This can be done by checking the LED on the side of the enclosure. If the anchors are connected, it should be turned off.

When these steps are finished, the anchors should be prepared for the installation.

Installing anchors in harsh environment (dusty, humid), please use anchor with IP housing.