Anchors Restrictions

Third step: select the slaves manually, for that you can use the anchor restrictions tab in Sensmap. To use it, go to RTLS tab -> Anchor Restrictions section in Sensmap. This tool will basically restrict, which slave anchors belong to selected master anchors and vice versa.

You have two options called “Select Anchor” and “Create Room”. Let’s start with the first one.

Click on “Select Anchor” and click on the desired master anchor. You can notice that check-boxes appear next to the anchors, when you press the button. To select the slaves for the given master, click on these check-boxes. An example is shown in picture bellow. Here, we have set four slaves in one room for the given master and they all have good line of sight conditions to the selected master. This way we can ensure that these anchors won’t receive synchronization from any other master than the one we just selected.

To confirm, press the green “Save” button.

When selecting the master anchor in the given room, always check what is the candidate anchor’s score to the other anchors. The anchor that has the best score to the potential slave anchors (all green lines) is the best choice for the given room (location cell).

Now we have finished one area and we can go on to the next one. Here, we will use the second option which is called “Create Room”.

Click on the “Create Room” button and draw a virtual room around the real one, the process is the same as drawing zones for example. The drawn room can look like in picture (faint dotted lines).

Now we have restricted the Anchors in the drawn room to receive a synchronization signal from any master outside of that room. This means that they will always receive signal from anchors in that room only, these will have much better LoS conditions, and this will in turn yield a better positioning performance in the given room.

We need to go back to RTLS Manager to configure the new masters. If you want to check which masters you have selected, you can do so by clicking the eye symbol in the “Anchor Restrictions” section.  The selected masters will be highlighted with green color:

Then you can choose anchor and see how is anchor restriction set.

We can see that in the top left room, any of the selected anchors can be a master. But in the right bottom room, only anchor “Kotva 83B” can be set as master. Next step will be to select new masters according to anchors restrictions.