Anchors Initialization in RTLS Manager

The first step in master selection in any installation is the anchors initialization in RTLS Manager. The goal of the anchors Initialization is to find a suitable master anchor(s). RTLS Manager conducts measurement among all anchors to get link overall quality. The output of this measurement is the suggested master anchor(s).

Anchor 1.4 needs 15 – 20 minutes warm-up period before initialization. Warm-up period is counted from the moment of power-up the anchor. You should also put away all tags if they have the same channel and profile configuration as anchors, otherwise it may affect the initialization procedure.


  1. Navigate to the “Anchors Initialization” tab in RTLS Manager (the first one) and click the green “Restart anchors initialization” button. This process will take some time. If there is a warning during the process, simply click the “Continue Anyway” button. After the initialization process is complete, you should see a similar table:


    The table shows the overall score of the corresponding anchor for the role of the master anchor. In lab conditions, all anchors should have a green score. However, in a larger installation, the scores can vary quite significantly, depending on the radio environment and anchors distance. 

  2. The anchors for the role of the master will be suggested to you automatically when the process finishes. You can pres see results, in next step we will load this results to the Sensmap.