Anchor 1.4

Feature Set

▪ Decawave UWB Radio
▪ Manageable via web browser and RTLS Studio
▪ Ethernet (recommended) and Wi-Fi backhaul
▪ Firmware upgrade via Ethernet


Anchor is a reference device with a known position. Set of Anchors creates location infrastructure where Tags are being located with sub-meter accuracy. The primary goal of the device is to gather radio signals from mobile locators called Tags and forward them to RTLS Studio where the position is being estimated.

Moreover, Anchors can also receive data from sensors equipped within the Tag such as acceleration, orientation, button event or custom data payload. Data are further exposed to the user via open API.

Anchor is an IP network device equipped with an Ethernet/Wi-Fi interface for both data backhaul and/or power supply. Anchors are configured and managed via RTLS Studio software. They support variety of holders to simplify the installation in any premises. They are mounted above Tags which ensures maximum coverage and minimizes obstacles blocking its communication line.

Product Number

SWA01-00-00Anchor 1.4
SWA02-00-00Anchor 1.4 WiFi